United States: The infant formula crisis. Aid from Europe

United States: The infant formula crisis.  Aid from Europe

Europe to save the United States to confront lack of infant formula. Supply sent Pennsylvania From the EU: It should help alleviate food shortages in the country, as supermarket shelves have been empty since the largest of them closed in February Establishment who produced it, that of MichiganAnd a lot is already sold out rememberafter a bacterial infection. Abbott Nutrition plans to resume production in early June.

milk crisis

Formula milk has become a rare commodity in recent months in the United States, due to the conflict in Ukraine blocking some supply chains, but also because many factories have closed due to bacterial contamination.

Above all, Abbott Factory is accused. The chief executive of the families also apologized for the lack of product he had recalled at the factory. “We are sorry to all the families we have left because our voluntary withdrawal has exacerbated the shortage of infant formula in our country,” Robert Ford said in a letter to the Washington Post. “It is tragic and heartbreaking,” he said, stressing that he had “taken serious steps,” such as converting adult production lines at a Columbus, Ohio plant, to “prioritize production” of infant formula.

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