Milan-Napoli Primavera 2-2 (19 Giuelli, 47′ Spavone, 56′ Partisaghi, 90′ Al Hilali)

Milan-Napoli Primavera 2-2 (19 Giuelli, 47′ Spavone, 56′ Partisaghi, 90′ Al Hilali)

Naples FootballMilan – Naples Spring, Frustalupi team away with the winning goal. Return to the field with a game Spring Championship 1 where they compete Milan And Naples. It is the thirteenth day they play Milan Napoli.

Spring Championship, Milan – Napoli: live text

98′ – Final whistle! Napoli is being ridiculed in the final

97′ – A wonderful goal by Al-Hilali from outside the area. The score is now 2-2

95′ – Deputy Frostalupi is sent off. So it prolongs healing

95′ – A bad collision with the head in the penalty area and the Napoli goalkeeper is still on the ground

94′ – Milan is very close to equalizing, the ball hits the post

90′ – 5 minutes of extra time is allowed

88′ – Hard foul by Alastuey, Blue booked

87′ – Balushi was also punished with a yellow card

82′ – Two substitutes for Napoli: Pesci and Lamine replace Rossi and Giannini

76′ – Omoregbe almost equalised

73′ – Immediate yellow card for Omoregbe. A very rough tackle on a Napoli player

70′ – Napoli change: Rosso replaces Spavon

66′ Another Milan substitution: Scotty gives way to Omoregbe

62′ Jawaher was booked for retreating: the goal-stopper stopped Milan’s malicious comeback

57′ Another simultaneous substitution for Milan and Napoli: Alessi replaces Sia with the Rossoneri, and Acamba replaces Marchesano with the Azzurri.

56′ Milan goal! The Rossoneri shortened the distance with a header from Partisaghi from a cross, but Poveli performed poorly on the occasion, who went empty.

47 ‘ Double Napoleon! Great individual work by Spavone that sends the Rossoneri defense into turns, skipping two, and finishing on the grid

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45′ A change for both: Blouvio leaves Milan and enters Stallmach, Iaccarino leaves and Bony enters for the Azzurri.

The second half begins

45′ A great header by Marquisano who thwarts a potential chance at the end, with the opposition already squirming behind him: first half in Vismara

34′ After a close attempt by Satan within two minutes: Al-Hilal first tried near the small area, then Jala fired a shot from distance. The Blue Ranger responds on both occasions

32′ A more tense game now: Milan suffered a psychological blow

19 ‘surprise in Vismara despite the building so far: In front of Napoli! Gems opens it with a dead ball head

18 ‘For now, the balance prevails: closed teams, Napoli above all, with Milan trying to push through

7 ‘A new attempt for Milan: the blue defense avoids the worst for Al-Hilal

1 ‘Directly the first circuit for Milan: accelerated by Scotty, who enters the area and shoots on goal, decisive Poveli, who deflected into a corner kick

Start game

Official lineups:

  • AC Milan: Torriani, Simic, Gala, Hilali, Bellevue, Elito, Bacon, Scotti, Sia, Baloch, Partisaghi.

Seat: Partuccione, Nciala, Alessi, Stalmache, Foglio, Pereira, Robotti, Parmigiani, Omoregbe, Lungi, Mangiammelli, Casale. All

  • Napoli: Poveli, Barba, Giannini, Marchesano, Davino, Obaritin, Spavone, Alasti, Rossi, Giuelli, Iaccarino.

Seat: Toure, Akamba, Pesci, Bantanda, Bony, Rosso, Nosegbe, Sahli, Lamine. Frostalube flocks.

They will take the field today at 13:00 Milan Napoli to TimVision Spring Championships.

summoned by Wolves whip:

  • Acampa, Alastuey, Barba, Boffelli, Boni, D’Avino, Giannini, Gioielli, Iaccarino, Lamine, Marchisano, Mutanda Kasongo, Nosegbe, Obaretin, Pesce, Rossi, Russo, Sahli, Spavone, and Turi.
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Where to see Milan and Napoli Primavera?

The Milan-Napoli Primavera Championship, where you can watch it live and on TV? The match will be available live on TV on Canale Sportitalia and also via live broadcast thanks to Sportitalia streaming.

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