Milan and Leo betrayed the Maldini plan: a complex renovation | Market

Milan and Leo betrayed the Maldini plan: a complex renovation |  Market

They were all postponed, not by Milan’s will, but by Liao’s, or by interlocutors who, for the Portuguese striker, They find themselves dealing with it Maldini and Massara. The Rossoneri Technical District Director confirmed, in no uncertain terms from the Globe Soccer awards stage, that The club’s plans came to nothingor perhaps they were betrayed by the former night that day, with Globalism To play like a hero in front of him, he postpones every speech, which complicates the possibility of reaching an agreement Extension of the current contract, which expires on June 30, 2024.

Maldini lyrics – The honest Maldini, almost resigned, even hinted at a slight annoyance with how things were going. “We’ve been talking about it for months and years. When the time comes We meet, When there is a decision to be made, it will be made. Now make predictions… The idea was to close before the World Cup, Especially for the players who went to the World Cup, in this case That was not possible for YaoMonths, years. Milan had an elaborate plan that Liao chose to ignore.

complex renovation – It must be emphasized that among the people revolving around Liao there is a situation that is not easy to manage Milan who met the Portuguese lawyer, but not Jorge Mendes and not even his father. Thus, renewal remains complex. And if at the last meeting (I read here) The participation request was about 8/9 million euros, Uncredited number Maldini And the pleasureToday, as the World Cup approaches, the market could go up. And if a bid of 100 million comes in, Milan could find themselves “forced” to consider it.

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