June 8, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Dynamo spreads to Talercio 81-55 and draws 1-1 with Venice

A defensive masterpiece for Team Bokshi that eliminates Rare. In the third quarter, Dynamo conceded only 10 points and then went out without a brake in the final break: 81-55. Very open series: 1-1. Banko has two matches at Palacerradini Stadium (Thursday and Saturday) to search for the two victories that deserve the semi-finals.

register. Excellent early defense by Venice At first, Sassari loses three balls and ends up: 7-2. It’s Dow and Jones who wakes up Dynamo (+1) and later there’s also Diop who gets hot instantly (+2) but Reyer makes a three-point basket, while Dynamo only has 0/1 even if he makes a basket of mediocrity. .

A very balanced match because the biancobl catches many rebounds Offensive: Spissu steals from Trier to make it 30-26 in the 13th minute, but Diop is unstoppable (12 points in the first half) and Banquo counterattacks even if he only has a one-point lead at halftime.

On his return, Stevens liberates, giving Jones from the average the maximum advantage of Dynamo: +6 in the 24th minute, Sassari defends and Venice struggles, the gap doubles: 40-53 in the 27th minute with the excellent (also in defense) Jones and a hat-trick from Croslin.

In the final quarter, Sassari’s defense remained effective and a hat-trick from Robinson and Dawe sealed the unexpected +17 for Banco in the 32nd minute. Reyer closes, Dynamo gets excited and it’s 46-68 in the 34th minute with Croslin’s third hat-trick. The hosts are already thinking about the third match.

the tables

Human Rights Rier Venice: Spissu 10, Parks 8, Bramos 5, Moraschini, De Nicolao ne, Granger 7, Chillo ne, Brooks 2, Willis 2, Watt 9, Tessitori 6, Mokoka 2. All. Spahija.

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Bank of Sardinia Sassari: Jones 12, Robinson 12, Dow 14, Croslin 11, Devicki, Trier, Chesa N, Stephens 6, Bendecius 2, Gentile 2, Raspino 2, Diop 20. All. Pokshi.

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