Milan, all Reijnders numbers: that’s why Pioli also prefers him over Tonali | first page

Milan, all Reijnders numbers: that’s why Pioli also prefers him over Tonali |  first page
Stefano Pioli has indicated his name as a priority to complete his midfield Perfect – after the departure of Tonali and the arrival of Loftus-Cheek – and he repeated it for Giorgio Forlani and Jeffrey Moncada in the blitz at Casa Milan yesterday afternoon. Class 98 is owned by AZ Alkmaar In the eyes of the Emily coach, it represents the best way to compensate for the sale of the former Brescia player and the prolonged absence from the stadiums of Ismail Bin Nasser at the same time., until November with a knee injury sustained in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final against Inter. Midfielder in a two-man midfield, but also a midfielder: Reijnders is an all-around player who, for physical fitness, game vision and reading, is able to do many things and do them well. As confirmed by the stats of his last season.

perfect player In 54 matches, he scored 7 goals and provided 12 assists, but there are other notable numbers: In the Conference League Semi-Finals, AZ Reijnders has great chances created (12), key assists per game (1.8) and steals (1.6). Therefore, the player who has a clear offensive career and prefers to play the role of a playmaker in front of the defense, a role in which Pioli also imagines him as a distinguished solution, whether by confirming the midfield with midfielders from the past three seasons, and pivoting in a line of three Two players supplemented by two soccer players as stranded as possible Loftus check The other sensitive target is Yunus Musa Valencia. of the three Reijnders would be the Dodgeras confirmed by the statistics spread over the past year provided by the FBREF portal, especially if compared with those of Tonali. For a player from Lodi, the Dutchman excels in average shots taken, combination of unexpected goals and assists expected, as well as pass attempts and progressive passes. and a series of statistics indicating the tendency to play primarily in the opposite metafield and always forward.

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Milan in the press – The comparison with Tonali is very eloquent however What is even more impressive is that Reijnders shows very high values ​​for the mentioned parameters on a percentage level, that is, taking into account the statistics of players occupying the same position. And who have collected a certain number of toys. The average between the percentage of players with data below his and the percentage with equal or higher data determines the percentage, and as you can see in the graphs posted below, the AZ midfielder’s numbers are noteworthy. Given that the competition is mainly coming from the English Premier League, Milan are determined to step up the pressure to acquire Reijnders after the first proposal of a 15 million bonus, which was rejected by the Dutch company, which asked for 20 permanent companies. A distance that cannot be crossed, and the Rossoneri will try to fix it in the next few hours.

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