Did you buy one of these products? Be careful not to lose your refund

Did you buy one of these products?  Be careful not to lose your refund

Focusing on sustainable means is now the goal that all operators in the engine world and beyond set themselves. Even each of us can do something concrete in this direction by changing his way of working. To this end, a new reward was introduced for the bicycle and scooter.

Being able to take advantage of the series of incentives offered by the government is the best way to get those who have not decided to make a purchase decision to move, but at the same time to give the same to the sector in difficulty. The motoring world has certainly been hardest hit by the restrictions imposed to halt the pandemic. In that period, in fact, there were not only travel restrictions, but also an effective reduction in purchasing power with which many families still have to fight today.

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Precisely for this reason, the CEO led by Mario Draghi decided to intervene more with Item will remain valid for a few days. So those who want to take advantage of the discount will have to move quickly. Until May 13th In fact, a bike and scooter bonus is available, allowing you to take advantage of an important discount for those who have made a purchase.

Additional bicycles and scooters: components and who are entitled to them

The government made bicycles and scooters available for the reward 5 million euros, which will be accessible until all funds are used. It is therefore imperative to move quickly so as not to miss this opportunity.

To take advantage of the facility that It has a maximum value of 750 eurosit may be all those users who have bought bicycles or electric bikes In the period between August and December 2020 which at the same time disposed of a polluted car.

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Unlike other similar measures that have been introduced in the past, There are no restrictions on income. The only requirement is specifically Simultaneous scrapping of a polluting class M1 vehicle. This term refers to “Motor vehicles intended for the carriage of persons and their baggage and which have at least four wheels”,

So can those who need it Submit a request on the revenue agency’s online portal in the designated section Fill out the form by entering your personal data. Within a maximum of five days, you will receive an answer that will allow you to understand whether your application has been accepted or not. In the event of a positive result, each user will be informed of the expected tax credit percentage within ten days of the term ending (hence May 13).

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