Microsoft and Activision, EU file formal objections to takeover –

Microsoft and Activision, EU file formal objections to takeover –

L’European Union will hand over to Microsoft document with formal objections compared toActivision Blizzard acquisitionAccording to a report published by MLex, a news agency that mainly covers antitrust issues.

A few days ago, Microsoft accused Sony of lying to EU antitrust regarding Call of Duty, so the document In question and the objections therein are particularly interesting, also for understanding whether the Japanese house had somehow succeeded in bringing flour to its mill.

According to MLex, Microsoft has declined to officially confirm receipt of said list, but has said it intends to Find the solution To the problem: “We listen carefully to the Authority’s concerns and are confident of our ability to resolve them.”

In the meantime, the CMA also appears to be about to produce its own document to that effect, and according to the latest rumors, it may hit Microsoft’s office in the next few days.

In short, we are in the final stages of the dispute: if the Redmond company is able to convince the European and English commissions, the FTC must also take the situation into account and perhaps soften its positions.

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