March 24, 2023

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From Skriniar to Sabiri, Zaniolo, Karsdorp and Bonazzoli – SOS Fanta

Skriniar – Lots of questions about Milan Skriniar After he stayed at Inter, the last few days he thought he could move immediately to Paris Saint-Germain, the club he already signed with in July. Both Inzaghi and Marotta made it clear that nothing would change in his job, that is, he would remain on the starting card. It’s also inevitable that since Inter don’t have great alternatives and haven’t taken anyone from the transfer market, D’Ambrosio or Darmian could play there. The blanket is short, Inter can’t keep Skriniar away. However, we must also take into account the environmental situation and understand how the Nerazzurri season will develop, perhaps at the end of the championship the Slovak will start playing a little less knowing that he will leave after that. These are all factors to consider, along with his fictional average of 5.53 which is very disappointing. Up to 0 goals so far. So it is possible to hit the fork especially if there is a large group, and thus the group shopping done at the auction. On the other hand, its current quote is 8 fantamillion, pretty low (Ampadu and Luperto level). With the release you eliminate a potential problem in the coming months, because in these cases you never know how it will end. But Skriniar is not, in principle, a player who should be released. Because he plays for Inter and remains a key player on paper. The low rate is also attributed to an own goal and a red card, it’s 6/6.5 this year without major peaks. It is likely that your team will have much worse defenders, perhaps injured or out of work. So perhaps it is right to be covered or guarded, but not over-released in a situation where you might hold or take in worse defenders.. As mentioned, it depends a lot on the type of group and then who you can replace, not only in defense but possibly in other departments as well. Now his value is greatly reduced but once he is back on the field he will also be able to make a comeback in terms of exchanges. The derby, from this point of view, is a very important crossroads after the elimination with Atalanta.

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