Microsoft and Activision, antitrust expert’s crazy FTC strategy –

Microsoft and Activision, antitrust expert’s crazy FTC strategy –

over there FTC strategy regarding the acquisition Activision Blizzard From Microsoftwhich the committee is trying to prevent by taking Redmond to court, is settled crazy By an antitrust expert.

Not just anyone, but Douglas Melamed, a professor at Stanford Law School who specializes in antitrust law, who furthermore Microsoft defeated itself For several years on this basis. Speaking to Straight Arrow News, Melamed said he was very skeptical of the actions by the Federal Trade Commission, which as we know decided to take Microsoft to court, because they are based on scant evidence.

“I honestly think this is crazy,” said the expert. “In my opinion, if you lose cases, what Congress will think is that you brought flimsy cases or that you don’t know how to handle them.”

As mentioned, Melamed speaks from first-hand experience, given that in the 1990s it led an antitrust case against Microsoft that proved successful and forced the company to come to an agreement to be able to operate in certain regions.

The European Commission has also expressed support for this position, opposing the reasons given by the FTC on blocking the takeover.

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