Michelle Hunziker returns her faith: is she back with Tommaso Trussardi?

Michelle Hunziker returns her faith: is she back with Tommaso Trussardi?

For Michel Hunziker, summer has definitely been a series of strong feelings. The first news of the separation from Tommaso Trussardi after ten years of love and two daughters, Sol and Celeste. Then the period of celibacy and finally the courtship with Giovanni Angiolini, the escape in Sardinia, the meetings in Milan and Augustus in the family with the plastic surgeon and his daughter Aurora Ramazotti. After the holidays, the love with the handsome Sardinian doctor also ended. Michele is back in town and, according to rumors, she would like to get back together with Tommaso Trussardi. To confirm this hypothesis are also some shots in which he appeared with a wedding ring on his finger.

In a selfie from Stories, you can see the ring on the ring finger on the same side (left) where Michelle Hunziker usually wears the gorgeous tennis model bracelet she adores. A clear and unique message to your ex? Could it be true that you want to return to Tommaso Trussardi? It would seem that all the conditions exist, but at the moment the businessman has not yet caught up with the courtship of Angelini.

But if we talk about emotions, then for Michelle Hunziker there is another one that upsets her summer. According to the weekly “Chi”, Aurora Ramazzotti is pregnant: she should become a mother in January. Those directly involved, Aurora and her boyfriend, Goffredo Cerza, did not currently confirm this and the influencer’s friend, Tommaso Zorzi, was quick to deny (to protect his friend’s privacy?). Michel Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti would definitely be the grandparents of rock music The good news will also explain the recent rapprochement and collusion between the two former parties.

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In short, for Michel Hunziker, autumn promises to remain very hot. And surely, the wave of emotions in summer is not destined to end, but rather a sea of ​​emotions looming on the horizon.

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