Metal music at rock festival

Metal music at rock festival

The thesis that songs are the most important thing made of meat, metal and country, yesterday in Can Zam, in front of an audience that was completely turned upside down with Judas Priest classics presented by one of the outstanding guitarists, KK Downing. His creation, KK’s Priest, marked the area on the first day of Rock Fest, which was full of heavy classical accents, extreme extremes and mesmerizing effects, represented by the star expected in the morning, the Californian band WASP

KK Priest championed the core of the parent group, opening with three tracks of their own before attacking old anthems (The Ripper) and some off-hand rescues (the deafening Nightcrawler). Downing, his blond hair, in a soft finger-like form, and Tim Ripper Owens dominates the vocal range, appearing in the angular break behind the death realms. The high flames of Burning in Hell, the theme of the time Owens was the singer of Judas Priest. And the anthems: Green Manalish (his butcher attack on Fleetwood Mac) Breaking the Law and The Mother of All Battles (Metal) Victim of Changes.

Sepultura review

Today’s hotspots include Cavalera, a relic of Brazilian brothers Max and Igor, for example Sepultura. A baptismal extreme metal band, inspired by the first albums of his former band, which they recently re-recorded. Max Cavalera and his throaty, raspy voice, and the lead bass of his son Igor Amadeus. This is a family affair. A touch of Carmina Burana and full of delicacies like brutal destruction. And between the final track, a scratch of another important disc Chaos AD, (Rejection/Resistance, more traditional heavy, as one might expect). Thinking of his former comrades, Max screams with malice for the forces of “the real Torah”.

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In the thrash lineup, a great performance by Crisix, a band from Igualada that tours Europe without us paying much attention to them here. Our apologies. Rampant, non-symbolic, no-epic, devastating metal on the cards like Leech Breeder, dedicated to “disgusting people who abuse their power”, and the tyrannical Frieza, based on the Dragon Ball character. They covered The Beastie Boys, Pantera and Trust (antisocial via Anthrax).

In terms of more classic metal, the Asturian group Warcry, starting with the invasive Hacia Delante, spread a sound as immersive as it was melodic, with keyboards and symphonic ascents. German power metal usually has a strong presence at the festival, and there was Primal Fear Doctrine, rich with anthems that refer to going out and conquering the neighboring country, voiced by Ralf Schippers. They played some hits from the recent Code Red and Awards, like the end is near. His old band, Gamma Ray, and Blind Guardian, the scene’s biggest stars, will play tomorrow at Can Zam. The party goes on.

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