Metal Gear is celebrating 35 years, and Konami is releasing some classics from the series –

Metal Gear is celebrating 35 years, and Konami is releasing some classics from the series –

It was July 13, 1987 when it was released to MSX in Japan metal equipment, a game that, for many reasons, has left an indelible mark on the world of video games. It was the game that put Hideo Kojima on the world map of the great minds of video games, but above all it was the start of one of the most beloved and revered epics in the entire industry. today for Celebration 35 Years of Metal Gear, Konami decided to bring back some Classic classes Which stopped marketing months ago.

Metal Gear Solid was released today on MSX in Japan, but after a while it crossed the ocean and landed on the NES also in Europe and the US. It was an embryonic game compared to Solid, but even in the ancestor one could start to see style buds Hideo Kojima. Despite the series’ success, Metal Gear has been in the pits for some time, unable to recover from the separation between the Japanese publisher and its maker.

Despite this, Konami is determined to celebrate the 35th anniversary of what may be its most famous series. How? At the moment, the release of some of the previous chapters is no longer available. the message Twitterin fact, it’s rather ambiguous:

The translator says that the series “METAL GEAR” released on July 13, 1987 celebrated its 35th anniversary today, and we are preparing to resume sales of books that have been temporarily suspended. ”

Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3 were most likely removed from stores by Konami last November, but frankly we hope it was something more.

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We also sincerely hope that the success of these initiatives will lead the Japanese publisher to reconsider the series and plan for a bright future.

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