“Meret? Are we okay?” The sporting director closes the doors to the Napoli player

“Meret? Are we okay?” The sporting director closes the doors to the Napoli player

There are nine days left before the tournament starts NaplesOn Monday, August 15 at 18:30, the team match will be held in front of the Bentegodi StadiumHellas VeronaThe race is valid for the first day of the Premier League. Despite the imminent start of the tournament, the team is not yet complete and there are many mysteries to solve: The market transfer Naples, in fact, is not over yet, It was also confirmed by Mr Spalletti after tonight’s friendly match Espanol.

Alex Merritt

One of the players who seemed close to being sold was Alex Merritt. The Friuli goalkeeper was one step away from spicesbut the Ligurian club had to attend Bartłomiej Drągowski Fiorentina. The reason for not converting is due to Evan Providel: The Spezia goalkeeper did not want to join the negotiations to go to Napoli, because he had already given his word to Lazio.

Another team on Merritt’s trail was TurinBut the sports director David Fagnati It was quite straightforward: in the pre-Coppa Italia match against Palermo, it was DS Granata Doors closed to transport.

“Merritt? We don’t follow him, even if I have a special affection for Alex because I have had him for two years. He is an exceptional man, but we are in the center of the goal and we have great confidence in the goalkeepers”.

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