Mercedes-AMG One: The first car with an F1 engine

Mercedes-AMG One: The first car with an F1 engine

The Formula 1 road is finally here. The Mercedes-AMG One can be seen in action for the first time in the coming weeks. Amazing purchase price!

Mercedes AMG One –

we are here! The first road car with a Formula 1 engine is on its way, a show called Mercedes-AMG one. We are talking about a hybrid engine model with a power of 1049 hp!

It has an internal combustion engine and four electric motors. When will this gem be presented? Too early! In fact, Mercedes has officially announced how this supercar can be admired for the first time in a few weeks – precisely From 23 to 26 June 2022 – to me Goodwood Festival of Speed, At West Sussex, England.

It is important to say that this supercar is well suited for use on the road, despite the enormous power. Speaking of technical data, let’s see how the internal combustion engine is 1.6L V6.0 Capable of producing 566 hp.

As expected, next to it will be four electric motors capable of lifting power to a maximum 1049 CV! Thus, Mercedes-AMG One will be able to put F1 hybrid technology on the road.

The work took a long time, but after more than five years of hard work Mercedes succeeded!

Mercedes-AMG One: a supercar with the power of Formula 1

Mercedes-AMG One is a two-seater high-performance sports car. Whoever drives it will have the real feeling of driving a Formula 1 car. Obviously, this car isn’t for everyone.

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Mercedes AMG One (Google)
Mercedes AMG-One – Motori.News

In fact, the German car brand has explained how it was made for the time being “only” 275 samples. Not a very large number, but there is a reason. It is related to the purely economic aspect. In fact, almost every model of Mercedes-AMG One costs 2.2 million euros.

You got it right! The interesting fact is that all 275 Mercedes models have already been sold! The lucky owners of this gem will soon be able to use their Formula 1 car on the street.

Formula 1 engine car
Formula 1: Mercedes-AMG One – Motori.News

Mercedes designed this car to allow you to run 18 km in electric autonomy. It will be the maximum speed that a Mercedes-AMG One can reach 352 km / h, Like real Formula 1. On the road, these speeds are unattainable – no matter how plain, cliched and correct they are.

There is another interesting technical data regarding when it can reach 100 km / h from a standstill: only 2.9 seconds! Each battery will contain liquid cooling technology. The drive programs are 6 and range from electric only to dynamic. The fun will be guaranteed!

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