Meloni is in Washington, her eyes fixed on the Chinese note. Sisci writes

Meloni is in Washington, her eyes fixed on the Chinese note.  Sisci writes

The focal point of Georgia Meloni’s trip to the US will be the US blessing Italy’s promise to end the Silk Road agreement with China. Commentary by Francesco Cisse

Thursday’s meeting between the US President Joseph Biden President of the Italian Council Georgia Meloni It is an important success for Rome, but it is not without pitfalls.

The focal point will be the US blessing Italy’s promise to end the Silk Road agreement with China. However, it is only a promise, not a reality.

It is not at all clear how and under what terms Italy will withdraw from the agreement, which Beijing considers vital. China may want to retaliate against Italy in the event of a breach, as well as to discourage other troublemakers. In fact, the United States, which has an increasingly strained relationship with China, can put pressure on other countries to withdraw from the Silk Road.

After the trip to Washington, in the face of threats and grumbling from Beijing, it is not clear how Italy, certainly not a bastion of granite, will react.

The immaterial risk is that Italy eventually spoils a different agreement with China, much to the chagrin of the United States once again.

Wisdom would have liked Rome to actually go to Washington with a final solution on Beijing. But this is not the case.

The reality may be trivial. The Meloni government does not have a very clear idea of ​​how to solve the Chinese issue, but at the same time, as for the internal balances, it wants to benefit from the American consensus immediately even if it can pay the price for the new anger tomorrow.

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Perhaps the trip will serve to put a ray on a team that reads the background of the reshuffle every day in the papers, seasoned with a string of attacks on the Senate president. Ignatius Larosain light of the story of the son accused of rape.

This latest development has international ramifications. It’s the second state office but La Russa slid into the family case at the same time, first with the story of the son’s SIM card registered to the father and then with a statement in favor of the boy.

president Sergio Mattarella He didn’t seem so pleased with the developments that during his recent trip to South America, he didn’t leave La Russa in charge as usual. Moreover, there is among the opposition the idea of ​​mass absenteeism from the upcoming vote in the Italian Senate.

However, it is likely that the Senate President’s difficulties will not escalate. The opponents don’t seem to be going to war over this or other events, and the United States, with many balls in the air, isn’t interested in pressing too much on the matter.

It is also unlikely watermelon, which already had quarrels with its Roman leader Fabio Rampelli, wants to start a feud with the Milanese leader La Russa. The party may risk not holding out. But if the support that Meloni would gather in Washington in a few days is betrayed thereafter in a few months, the United States will probably refuse and open many wounds.

These are hypotheses, of course, but it is also certain that, from July 27th onwards, the Chinese question becomes central and far more important than the war in Ukraine, and is probably about to end. In China, the government and Parliament are very unprepared and fragile. More than just Russia.

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