Meloni announces 5.5 billion to stop immigration from Africa

Meloni announces 5.5 billion to stop immigration from Africa

Yesterday, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni announced an investment plan worth 5.5 billion euros for Africa. This decision, which came within the framework of Italy's initiatives to reduce immigration into the country, was announced during the first Africa-Italian Summit of the Trans-Alpine G7 Presidency. A meeting in which blame was also exchanged with African leaders.

“This is clearly not enough. That's why we want to involve other donors,” he added. In this way, Meloni took another step towards his colorful strategy of financially helping African countries avoid migrant exodus, as he already attempted last year with the government of authoritarian Tunisian President Kais Saied.

With this preamble, Meloni brought together 22 African heads of state and government in Rome yesterday, along with some international organizations, the African Union and the European Union. “Illegal mass immigration will never stop, and human traffickers will never be defeated, unless the causes are addressed,” he said. “We want to declare war on human traffickers.”

However, the road seems uphill. The evidence for this is that the President of the African Union, Moussa Faki, wanted to point out that Italy did not speak with his organization to develop the proposed plan. He added: “We would have liked to have been consulted.” In the same context, the Italian representative of coastal origin, Abu Bakr Soumahoro, referred to a “written plan without Africa.”

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