MasterCard promotes Green with an innovative idea: say goodbye to city traffic with this innovative solution | Everyone wants that

MasterCard promotes Green with an innovative idea: say goodbye to city traffic with this innovative solution |  Everyone wants that
MasterCard e-bike rental –

For some time now, the world has embarked on a path towards environmental sustainability, driven primarily by pronounced climatic changes and very high levels of pollution in the atmosphere.

In recent years, many electric modes of transport have been vacated in Italian cities, such as buses and scooters, but some of them have the added value of being able to rent them wherever you are, and for a modest amount.

to milan, The Italian city that has always distinguished itself in innovation and technology, Master Card Credit Card Announce a very highly valued initiative by the citizens who have moved They will no longer have to settle for crowded subways or crowded buses.

Indeed, the survivability in this city is certainly not the most effective, but soon you will be able to enjoy one of the services that have been most appreciated by the old and new generations, and with just a simple click. Bicycle rentalthis new payment system is actually called “Click and ride“.

The payment giant’s project is very simple and its main goal is Promoting a clean energy service Which manages to effectively transport Milanese and tourists around the city without much effort, thanks to the electric motors with which the bicycles that will be part of the new system are equipped.

How Tap and Ride works and where it will be active

The initiative currently presented is only in France and FinlandIn collaboration with two companies, La Rochelle and Lahti. for Italy, Mastercard is looking for a partner which can be collaborated with to activate Tap and Ride, implementing a function for the existing rental service already active in several Italian cities.

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E-Bike – (Source: freepik)

The process is very simple and slightly different from the already known rental methods, in fact people will be able to Travel without your own car Thanks there E-bikes distributed at strategic points of citiesThey are carefully placed in their charging stations, so they are always perfectly powered and ready to race.

What can revolutionize a pre-existing service concerns the method of payment, with MasterCard you will no longer need to download a dedicated application on your smartphone with which you can book and pay for the flight. In fact, it will be sufficient to leave with the chosen e-bike Put your card at the points of sale Behind the bike seat, after A few seconds the transaction will be authorized And you can leave in peace.

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