Ukraine wants more weapons to take back Crimea. But this is how we risk a nuclear war. Use and opposition are increasing

Ukraine wants more weapons to take back Crimea.  But this is how we risk a nuclear war.  Use and opposition are increasing

It is from the beginning of a war He flies against theUkraine Western leaders say it clearly: Kyiv You must be very careful about attempting to hunt Russia from CrimeaBecause this could mean danger nuclear war. peninsula which Russian President Vladimir Putin It was annexed in 2014 by removing it from Ukraine’s strategic role, but it also poses a danger to Kiev. He says Tamila TashevaA Ukrainian government official in Crimea said that the heads of Western governments are very worried about the idea that the president Volodymyr Zelensky May insist on returning the territory to Ukrainian rule. «We’ve heard from Western leaders that if we return to Crimea, there will be an inevitable escalation – Tasheva told The Daily Beast – and that could mean igniting a nuclear conflict. The narrative has changed since we posted what Crimea really is, what it means for Russia and how things relate to each other.».

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Crimea and Ukraine want more weapons to recover

Indeed, Tasheva believes that fears about a possible escalation have subsided now that Ukraine is arguing that Crimea is the key to victory over Putin, because Russia continues to use it as a springboard for the war and because Putin sees it as the key to his success. Political legitimacy in Russia. Ukraine hopes its plan to drive Russia out of Crimea, as well as other lands it stole, will finally gain momentum and says it is ready for a counterattack..

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However, there are many positions against this project. Publicly, management Biden He indicated Ukraine’s support for this process, but behind the scenes, it would be a completely different matter. «Crimea is Ukraine. It’s Ukrainian territory and we want to see all internationally recognized borders restoredhe declared White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby Adding that the Biden administration does not dictate restrictions on what an occupied country can and cannot do. However, in the Pentagon, senior officials of the US administration have many reservations. Ben Hodges, the former military commander of the US Army in Europe, said that the administration still does not realize the operational significance of isolating Crimea from Russia.

In short, the front seems completely divided, because public statements are one thing, real ability From Ukraine to recapture Crimea is another matter, and it depends largely on the military assistance that the country will continue to receive. Kiev insists and pressures the United States to obtain that it would like to use them specifically to try to restore. “We really need it if we want to regain Crimea,” Tasheva stressed. But if the United States had agreed with Ukraine, they would have already been sent Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS), long-range munitions that can reach about 180 miles.

Russia, for its part, threatened to respond harshly. But Tasheva said these were just empty and useless threats made by Putin.

split in the United States

However, the share of Americans who believe the United States does too much aid for Ukraine has increased in recent weeks, according to a recent Pew Research Center poll. Suspicion spreads between Republicans and Democrats. And while some lawmakers have backtracked, as the 2024 presidential election approaches, American interest may shift more to other domestic concerns. Several Republican presidential candidates have already put the idea of ​​aiding Ukraine on hold. Nikki Haley, the former UN ambassador who announced she is running for president, has indicated that U.S. assistance may end under her leadership.

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However, Haley attempted to strike a balance by framing the war in Ukraine as a struggle that must be won, noting that defeat could lead to more problems on the world stage and potentially lead to greater conflict. «This is not a war against Ukraine, it is a war for freedom, and it is a war that we must win – said the former ambassador. If we win this war, a clear message will be sent to China, Iran, North Korea and Russia itself. If you lose, the danger is that Poland and the Baltic states will be next, and that means a world war».

Another potential candidate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, reiterated his support for Kiev, albeit in a less than enthusiastic manner. Former President Donald Trump said he would allow Russia to do so «Take control» From parts of Ukraine if he is still in the White House. And according to former US ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst, among Republicans aspiring to the presidency, a Trump victory would likely be the worst outcome of aiding Kiev.

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