No risk on the market –

No risk on the market –

FNE, device Antitrust Chile, ha agreed L’Activision Blizzard acquisition By Microsoft, you find no market risk, ie no monopoly risk.

According to FNE, the deal will not reduce competition, at least according to the habits of Chilean video game consumers. The sentence took into account both the overlapping (horizontal) influences of the two companies (publishing and selling video games, selling things, advertising etc.), and those on non-overlapping (vertical) activities.

Naturally, the change of chain hands was also taken into account Call of dutybut it was not considered very relevant, given that it is less important in South America than in other parts of the world.

FNE also considers the risk of players switching consoles after acquisition limited, thanks to a survey conducted among Chilean consumers, and sees it as unlikely that Microsoft will remove COD from PlayStation, given the revenue the platform generates.

we talk about game arcade And marketing new consoles, FNE believes that Activision Blizzard titles, however important they may be, are not critical enough to be able to turn the market on their own.

In short, the regulator of the Chilean market agreed with Microsoft across the board, adopting their point of view and rejecting that of Sony, the only competitor strongly opposed to the acquisition in reality.

In the coming days, FNE will provide the full report of the decision, which is important even if it isn’t conclusive for the final outcome, since it could be used as an argument with antitrust agencies more reluctant to give their nod.

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