Marta Soldado wins the novel Ciutat de Tarragona Pin i Soler | Diary Tots21

Marta Soldado wins the novel Ciutat de Tarragona Pin i Soler |  Diary Tots21

Writer Marta Soldado. Photo: Sedida

Writer Marta Soldado He ranked 34th City of Tarragona Prize for the novel Pin i Soler with workPrzewalski’s horse‘. The prize, worth €21,000, includes Moses De Silver Tarragona The book was published with Angle Editorial.

In this category, 179 works were received, an increase of 52% over last year. The jury unanimously agreed, while the twenty-fourth translation award went to Mark Twain’s “Mississippi Life,” presented by Mark Donat, and the twenty-third. Short story award For the story “The Take-off” by Ramon Masia. This year, the bulk of participants are from the Barcelona area, although there has been a noticeable increase in the number of participants in Tarragona for the Short Story Prize.

During the concert held this evening at the Tarragona Theater Montserrat Abello Award To the path in the field of translation in which he fell Ana Casasas and Figuerasone of the best-known and most relevant translators of the Catalan language on the current literary scene.

The Internet Tenet short narrative category received 250 works, an increase of 31% over the previous call, while in the short narrative category Translated by Vidal Alcover Thirteen projects were submitted. Both prizes are worth €1,000 and €12,000 respectively, in addition to publishing works with Cossetània Edicions and Edicions 1984.

the City of Tarragona Literary Awards It is called byTarragona City Council, Omnium Cultural of Tarragona and the Linguistic Normalization Center of Tarragona. The actresses hosted the festive show this evening Julia Abello I Varner Rubioand was supplemented by the repertoire of the singer-songwriter from Menorca We guide Soldevila. The chosen scenography is inspired by the movie “The Little Prince” with the participation of students of artistic jewelry and applied arts on the school wallTarragona School of Art and Design.

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