“I either go out or call a replacement to tell her it’s over.”

“I either go out or call a replacement to tell her it’s over.”

Furthermore, the VIP is keen to make it clear once again that what happened at home with the influencer is – in his opinion – a real thing, and as such, the two shouldn’t feel guilty at all for the good they feed each other. “What I feel about you is very strong, but what I feel about Delia is also very strong,” he adds.

Alex does not understand at all the behavior that his wife is currently taking, and continues to ask himself thousands of questions without finding any answers. However, listening to his reasoning, Sulli looks almost annoyed and says, “If you want me to be there for you, but if you want to message people, go somewhere else,” explaining to the actor that if he’s really interested in clearing things up with His wife, he prefers to discuss it directly with her while avoiding giving speeches that contain messages addressed to others.

While the other competitors decide to nearly dine together, Alex and Sully stand aside and the two again take on the same speech oscillating between Delia and the love triangle created and staying indoors.

The only person who has doubts about what is best is definitely not the actor; Even Sulli, it seems, is not sure of the right decision to make, because she is very afraid of what could happen from this moment inside the house.

Among the many thousands of doubt and bewilderment, the question the two ask themselves is the same: “Is this the direction I wanted to take when I started this programme?”. Therefore, the VIPs seem to have a lot of skepticism about what they should do because they don’t know if, by continuing with this experience, they are really able to convey what they had set before they entered the house.

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“You must continue to follow this path even without me,” says Alex, who calls on the influencer to continue this adventure even with the possible absence of showing who he really is.

What decision will Soleil make and which decision will Alex make instead? By evaluating all the events of this love triangle, will the actor be able to make the right choice?

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