February 9, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Market change and defense strategies: a new name emerges

With a single center and lower right wing, the grenade market scenario is changing, at least for defense. Pressing Okoli who would ensure coverage with Perola and Giumber for the trailing trio until Lovato’s return, Radovanovic and Fazio completed it. Also pay attention to Mantovani’s reassertion, at least until the market kicks off. Also for the central section a new name for the grenade team was added, which is the name of an old acquaintance of the Italian championship: it is the former Udinese Molla Wague, the companion of the 31-year-old Lassana Coulibaly and now released. Wague can play in the two-person defense and as a right arm in the back three, ensuring different solutions for Nicolas.

As for the defence, too, the names of the “ex” remain strong: Ranieri could return as early as next week, ensuring that the Piedmont coach is replaced in the middle and alternates with Bradric during the race; Zortea can also cuddle the horse again, out of Orobic’s plans, and is guaranteed to alternate right and left on either side. The feeling is that 3 or 4 pieces can reach, equally distributed between the outside (Ranieri and Zortea) and the middle (Okoli and Wague)

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