March 8, “Women and Science”: Children of IC in Sala C. Compared to Dr. Zoppè of CNR

March 8, “Women and Science”: Children of IC in Sala C. Compared to Dr. Zoppè of CNR

Women in Science is the title of the event promoted by Istituto Comprensivo Sala Consilina-Viscigliete, led by Principal Patricia Pagano to celebrate Women’s Day.

An opportunity to reaffirm the role of women in the world and their potential also in scientific and technological subjects which, despite many battles and developments, are still subjects often identified as more suitable for men. An idea and ideology that, yesterday morning, we tried, during a private lesson promoted by teacher Rosa Mega, to scratch it thanks to the brilliant and respected expert, researcher at the Department of Biophysics Cnr in Milan, Dr. Monica Zoppi, who with simplicity and skills of communication and sharing, proved the tremendous skills and great value of women Also in science, information technology and technology.

The initiative involved children’s braids of Sant’Antonio and Atena Lucana and was conducted online through the Microsoft Team Education platform, with the support of teacher Lina Mori as the institute’s digital illustrator.

“It was a very formative moment – as teacher Rosa Mega, organizer of the initiative – explains – to reflect on the important contribution that women have made to science and the difficulties they have faced. Often in fact – as she remembers – women who have embarked on a path in the scientific field have found themselves against the very walls of of mistrust due to preconceived notions of gender. It is not uncommon for them to be excluded from high positions in the scientific community.”

Thanks to the presence of coordinating tutors Rosa Mega for the Children of St. Antonio’s Curl and Michelina Siciliano for the Athena Curl, the students were able to interact with Dr. Zubi who is part of the National Association for Women and Science. “The initiative – explains Rosa Mega – ended with a fun questioning time with questions from young students, who are curious and happy to hear the stories of scientists and important discoveries. What was written yesterday for the Sala Consilina Comprehensive Institute was a beautiful page full of meaning and enriched by the contribution of the CNR researcher.”

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