Manresa Health | Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Manresa is hosting a Parkinson's disease activity to shed light on the disease

Manresa Health |  Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Manresa is hosting a Parkinson's disease activity to shed light on the disease

Patients, relatives and professionals will talk about Parkinson's disease to shed light on the disease in ManresaArchive/Meria Jamisanz

I have Parkinson's disease, now what? This is the title of the public event open to citizens, which will be held next Thursday at six in the evening.Sant Joan de Diu Hospital Di Manresa to shed light on this disease and educate the population about its impact on people who suffer from it and their families. It will be held in the hospital conference room.

It is an initiative of the Althaia Foundation in collaboration with the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS) in Central Catalonia and St Andrew's Health Foundation In conjunction with the anniversary World Parkinson's Day.

Specialists from the organizing institutions will participate, as well as patients and their relatives, who will talk about their experience in the first person.


The event will start with a lecture by the doctor Anna Mas-Vidal, attached to the Department of Neurology in Althaia, which will talk about the disease, what caring for people with Parkinson's looks like and non-drug treatments, among other things. Then Doctor JOrde Mota Barrios, Director of EAP Sant Fruitós de Bages-Navarcles From ICS Catalonia Central, he will provide primary care vision.

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This will be followed by a moderated panel discussion Manuela Ramos Prada– Nurse manager for neurological cases involving patients and their relatives. They will intervene Lou HeffleyThe patient and the author of the book My encounter with Parkinson's disease; Tony Ortega aliasVice President of the Castellgalí Table Tennis Club, who will talk about his experience with Parkinson's disease and the benefits of table tennis for patients suffering from this disease, and carmi arch eclusa, The daughter of a Parkinson's patient who is his primary caregiver will provide the family's perspective.

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Representatives of the Catalan Parkinson's Association will also participate, who will announce the activity they carry out to accompany and support patients and their families. In this sense, there is an intention to strengthen an entity with these characteristics in the region.

About Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease is one Neurodegenerative disease Most common after Alzheimer's disease. Tends to produce Tremor at rest – In the hands, arms, legs, jaw and head – Tetanus -From the limbs and torso-, Slowness in movements I Postural instability. The person suffering from it may have had prior signs years ago, such as rapid eye movement sleep disturbances, loss of the sense of smell, depression, etc.

It is a chronic, progressive disease and its symptoms worsen over time. As they become more noticeable, affected individuals may have difficulty walking, speaking, or performing simple tasks. There is no curative treatment for the disease, but there are measures to stabilize and control symptoms.

Parkinson's disease occurs most frequently starting at age 65, although younger people can develop it. According to data from the Ministry of Health, in Catalonia there are 29,152 people diagnosed with this disease, with an average age of 80 years for women and 77 years for men.

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