Maneskin will beat America and they will play with the Rolling Stones

Maneskin will beat America and they will play with the Rolling Stones

The New York time Last summer, in his first pages, he dedicated a lengthy statement asking himself if the four could beat the world after winning the Eurovision tournament, after beating Europe.

After a few months, the band starts from the US and gives a clear and decisive answer.

The start of their promotional tour as guests of a popular TV show was in style Tonight’s show From Jimmy Fallon.

Some Italians before them, Sophia Loren, Benigni, and Mastroyani received this honor. The boys played in two pieces Begging And the new piece unleashes the host and audience to the point that Mammamia is another guest on the show Drew Barrymore He wanted to meet them in the dressing rooms.

Two live concerts by the band, first Bowery Ballroom It has already taken place in Manhattan on November 27 and November 1 at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles.

The Bowery Ballroom is not just any stage, it is a rock temple with regular guests Barry Smith For 15 years, the starting price increased from $ 50 to $ 300 and the tickets sold out quickly!

In fact, the success was not unexpected, as The Four Seasons ‘single Beckin’ reduces the overseas population, with more than 700 million plays, which received a nomination for the group. American Music Awards.

The song was selected by the Thunder Cheerleaders (NBA) for the television set that aired during the song.

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Partida OKC Thunder – Los Angeles Lakers.

The success of Damiano, Victoria, Thomas and Ethan did not stop there. As announced by Jimmy Fallon Maneskin Will open the concert Rolling Stones November 6 at the Allianz Stadium in Las Vegas.

Recognition of rock kings rather than being rare for an Italian band. After all, as pointed out by many American fans on social media, the Roman band makes new rock with the “old school” style, which makes them unique.

After the American adventure our rockers will be going to Hungary for the MTV EMA on November 14th.

Meneskin actually has three nominations: not only the best Italian law, but also the best band and the best rock. The first Italian band to be nominated in the Best Band and Best Rock categories.

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