Sabadell “Made” – Sabadell newspaper

Sabadell “Made” – Sabadell newspaper

[Per Arnau Bonada,  Economista, president de la Xarxa Onion i vicepresident segon del CIESC]

On a trip to Midwest American, I had the pleasure of taking a guided tour of the Detroit Pistons’ brand new arena, an amazing facility. At the entrance, a construction helmet bearing the logo was displayed Michigan made. Detroit was built. A media committee explained that 94% of construction contracts were awarded to companies from the same state. In absolute terms, $700 million was pumped into the local economy.

The charming guide explained to me that most of the project was financed by the sale of about fifty VIP boxes, for ten years, paid in advance, to companies in the area. And when they marketed it, even before the groundbreaking, they were all awarded within a month.

The comparison with the Camp Nou rehabilitation is bloody. On the other hand, as is known, Barcelona chose to entrust the work to a Turkish construction company. On the other hand, how many Catalan companies would pay ten annual installments, up front and on schedule, for a VIP cabin? I think all of this is very illustrative of the structural crisis we are experiencing in the country which, unfortunately, has no imminent end in sight.

While for the big players, consolidation in the region seems to be a secondary issue, I find greater commitment in the SME and entrepreneurship space. As a small example, the case of Malapell, a gourmet and gastronomic shop from Sabadell, which only offers products bearing the Catalan label. Last week, the Onion Network hosted one networks amazing

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Between glasses of wine and cold cuts and cheeses, we were introduced to very diverse new local initiatives: the manufacturer of educational board games, the creator of the perfume nominated for the best European scent, Personal shopper Real estate, a computer that integrates ChatGPT with business ERPs, a new center for removing lice from children’s heads…

After the event, I asked Georgina Ferrer of Hugo Dax if she could make me a custom-made T-shirt with the CE Sant Nicolau coat of arms. The next morning, I was already taking measurements in the workshop. The next day I was able to perform the piece for the first time at the club’s social dinner. He succeeded. Sabadell to make. Let them learn!

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