Macron has decided to trust pension reform: it’s a law – Europe

Macron has decided to trust pension reform: it’s a law – Europe

Emmanuel Macron I decided: the French government would raise the question of trust, Article 49-3, to pass Pension reform. This was learned from sources close to the executive branch, according to BFM TV. With the government choosing to raise the question of trust, pension reform became law. This is provided that the motions of censure to be submitted within 24 hours and discussed on Monday do not collect a majority of votes.

In this case, the government will fall, and with it the law in which it put its trust. Marine Le Pen has already announced her motion of no confidence and has confirmed that she is also ready to vote on motions of no confidence from the left.

We cannot play with the future of the country. The intervention of the French President in the Council of Ministers would have justified in this way the recourse to the contested Article 49.3 of the Constitution, which allows not to engage in the vote of the National Assembly to adopt the pension reform.

Macron and the government made the decision in light of the lack of a majority or the high risk of losing the challenge of voting reform by a handful of votes. So there will be no vote on the hotly contested plan to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64, The government will give confidence, and within 24 hours the opposition will have the right to put forward a motion of censure against the government. With the possibility of a cross proposal being voted on, submitted by the left or the right, but voted on by both formations. If the motion of censure is majority, Elizabeth Bourne’s government will be defeated and Macron will have to appoint a new prime minister and a new chief executive.

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Within the next twenty-four hours, opponents – in the presence of the government’s decision to give confidence in pension reform – will have the right to put forward motions of censure. The National Assembly services have already announced that the vote on the motions – which will be “transversal” given that Marine Le Pen has already announced that she will also vote on the left’s motions – is set to take place on Monday. The government has little chance of being defeated by confidence, unless Republican or centrist lawmakers vote against the government.

Chairman of the National Assembly Group in the National Assembly in Paris, Marine Le Pen, He denounced the “democratic coup”, after Macron’s decision to resort to the issue of trust, with the disputed Article 49-3 of the French Constitution, to adopt the reform of the pension system. Speaking to reporters gathered in the National Assembly, he called for the resignation of Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne.

Laurent Berger, The leader of France’s main CFDT trade unions announced “new moves” from the trade unions. An ongoing demonstration near the National Assembly in Paris. Photographed by a huge security service, protesters gathered on the avenue de l’Université, near the lower house of the French Parliament. According to several journalists on the scene, the demonstration is gradually spreading to nearby Boulevard Saint-Germain.

The leader of France Insoumés, G.IIon Luc Melenchon, In an interview with BFM-TV, during his inspection of the square, along with demonstrators protesting in Paris against Emmanuel Macron’s decision to resort to confidence, with the disputed Article 49.3 of the constitution, to obtain approval for the reform without going through a vote of the National Assembly. crowd. Speaking to the journalist who indicated that the reform had been passed by the Senate, Chief Insoumès replied: “That is correct, but only by the Senate. Not by the French people and not by the National Assembly…”. When the reporter then pointed out to him that Article 49.3 was by no means in French law, Mélenchon shortened it: ‘Thanks for that lesson in constitutional law. Until we meet again.”

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