Ukraine's accession to the European agricultural sector

Ukraine's accession to the European agricultural sector

Ukraine's accession to the European agricultural sectorEuropean press

In the middle of the last month of the year ending, at the summit of European Union leaders in Brussels, the mandate was given to start negotiations for Ukraine's accession to the European Union. I want to remind you that Ukraine is a very large and prominently agricultural country… Is the EU agricultural sector aware of the impact of this accession?

The organization representing farmers, ranchers and cooperatives in the European Union, Copa-Cogeca, sounded the first alarmswho have already appeared in the Beef Working Group, published on the “Show what the Common Agricultural Policy will look like. Show farmers what the future holds. Enough of the statements and generalities. Let's get into the details…”

Great owners

Many of us have the idea that Ukrainian agriculture is the agriculture of small family farms, but analyzing the data you get big surprises (read, Who owns land in Ukraine?). The ten largest landowners in Ukraine own/control 2.81 million hectares, roughly the size of Belgium. All of them are companies, only one of which is registered in Ukraine, and the rest in Cyprus, Luxembourg, the USA, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands.

The Financial Times published estimates of the effects of accession that EU officials had allegedly calculated, using current EU budget rules for 2021-2027. According to these estimates, Ukraine is expected to receive 186 billion euros in the first seven years after accession. They thought it was from here, Many Member States will become net payers and subsidies to current EU members will be reduced by up to 20%..

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