Modern is already preparing to create a bug-fixing community patch –

Modern is already preparing to create a bug-fixing community patch –

It may seem unreasonable to some, but to others Modder They are already planning to work on community patch for starfield, which fixes all errors. In fact, having similar patches for Bethesda games is a real tradition that has been going on for decades.

There are amateur patches for Hines and Howard’s titles, and they’re usually riddled with bugs at launch, as long as there are mods for their games. There are for example Morrowind, Obivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. Even Daggerfall was the subject of an amateur editor, with related bug fixes.

Be that as it may, the Starfield Community Patch Project is “A collective effort by mod authors and the broader Starfield player community to fix bugs, bugs, and other issues in the game, including mods, typos, and other changes not made (or not yet published) by the developers. The ultimate goal is to enhance the vanilla experience (Game without community mods installed Ed) for all players‘, as described official site.

As specified, the correction will not include: new content (quests, characters, items, etc.); The game balance changes (plus obvious bug fixes) and any modifications that conflict with the original vision of the game.

As for the bureaucratic details of the patch, participants will have to understand it as a teamwork that will be launched free of charge in NexusMods. There will be a core team of applicants, made up of mod authors of recognized value, who will manage the application of the fixes prior to publication. The patch will be completely open source and free. Donations will still be allowed, and will be fairly distributed to the authors.

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You can contribute at different levels: by making repairs, or simply by reporting bugs.

As explained by the founders of the initiative in Interview with GamesRadar +, anticipating the timing of a Starfield community patch is due to a desire to clarify some of the issues that have plagued other similar projects, and other games, regarding ownership, copyright, visibility to follow, etc. In short, it is hoped that participants are aware of what they are doing and are not making claims during processing, when the game is already on the market.

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