Lulu Selassie sleeps during the Turandot attack / Manuel: “Che schifo”

After countless Preparations, trials and quarrels inside a house Big Brother VIP 2021 stay there Turandot, a job Franco Alfano and Giacomo Puccini, under the close supervision of Katya is committed to the realization of this show by VIPs. However, not all of the contestants participated in the show, and some were more or less interested in viewers, such as Lulu Selassie.

Lulu Selassie She did not actively participate in the realization of the show but participated as a spectator with the other competitors but unlike the others, the girl showed some boredom while watching the show of her roommates sleeping in the middle of the show.

Lulu Selassié sleeps while Turandot, his companions comments

behavior Lulu Selassie not through Turandot organized in Big Brother VIP 2021 No one noticed him in the eyes of other competitors, especially competitors Manuel Portuzzo, David Silvestri and Aldo Montano Who, after the performance, commented on the attitude of the girl, explaining how Katya became aware of Lulu’s fatigue.

David Silvestri The girl’s attitude resoundingly commented: No comment, his company. While others judged Lulu’s behavior negatively and Manuel allowed himself to go on commenting: “how disgusting”. The behavior of the three boys was not much appreciated on the internet which revealed how Manuel also slept while his buddies performed.

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