Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that ultra-Orthodox Jews must go to war

Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that ultra-Orthodox Jews must go to war

The war between Israel and Palestine

So now they did not have to go to war to continue their Torah studies

Barcelona“There is no legal basis for excluding ultra-Orthodox men from conscription.” This was the controversial decision made by Israel’s Supreme Court on Tuesday. In this way, the military extermination of young ultra-Orthodox Jews who have not yet had to serve the country is put to an end. It is a highly controversial measure that has historically divided Israeli society. These tensions have increased, especially since the beginning of the war in the Gaza Strip. However, it is not clear at the moment whether this decision includes sending these young men immediately to war. The decision affects approximately 67,000 eligible men, the equivalent of five military divisions.

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This decision was not well received by the two ultra-Orthodox parties: Shas and the United Torah Judaism Party, which directly oppose the conscription of those affected and threatened to withdraw from Benjamin Netanyahu’s current ruling coalition if this measure was introduced. into force. This would jeopardize the survival of the executive branch, as it contributes 18 key seats to advance the government’s agenda. “There has never been a Supreme Court decision in favor of young students and in favor of the ultra-Orthodox public. There is not a single judge who understands the value of Torah study and its contribution to the people of Israel,” one person said. One of the leaders of JUT is MP Moshe Gaffney.

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Military exemption for ultra-Orthodox Jews is not a law, but rather an executive ruling that is periodically extended and has been in place since the birth of the State of Israel, although there are several court rulings indicating that it violates the principle of equality that governs Israel’s basic law.

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