Luigi Strangis guest at Domenica In / Something went wrong, fans are in revolt

Luigi Strangis guest at Domenica In / Something went wrong, fans are in revolt

Luigi Strangis guest on Domenica In: For him after Amici 21, there isn’t much space on TV

After becoming the overall winner in Friends 21winning the Singing Circle as well as the final cash prize as the overall winner, Luigi Strangis Once again on TV and at the same time in the center of media attention. The reason is the new TV channel hosted by post-talent that Luigi recorded in the TV studio on Domenica In on May 22, 2022, an occasion that – according to controversies on the Internet – invited former presenter Mara Vinier Amici 21 “solo” to the studio at the end of the new episode of broadcasting. Apparently, it wasn’t possible to give enough TV space to Luigi Strangis according to his fans, as Mara Venir had time to broadcast a presentation clip containing the highlight of the track Luigi recorded in Amici 21, talent produced and directed by Maria De Filippi, to allow the singer to Tienimi Tonight – the bachelor who climbs the music charts – reveals a tale from life. This means that he got his first guitar as a gift at the age of six.

On Sunday, criticism spread over guest star Luigi Strangis

In addition to keeping the tale of his first instrument for Rai Uno audiences, Luigi Strangis sang the new lead single on Strangis’ album, Tienimi tonotte. However, the audience was expecting more television space for the former Amici, at least than the average length of a television interview. So much so that the controversy is now swirling on Twitter over the post-Amici 21 guest that Luigi Strangis scored on Sunday, that Mara Venier’s format is silent for treating the singer with disdain.

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Among the messages underlying the social discord over the television space Dominica dedicates to Luigi Strangis, below the expectations of Rai Uno audiences, we read: “But I was expecting an interview, not a fast, fast song.” Then again: “But in what sense is time over?”.

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