June 9, 2023

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Piero Angela’s surprise report card from his high school archive: 5 in behavior and math, and only 9 (in physical education)

Piero Angela died on August 13, but a symbol of science and culture will remain in the memory of many. If for decades it had gotten millions of viewers excited about the studio, it looks like it was Conflicting start with textbooks. reveal it Republic: From the report cards in the archive, a completely unexpected profile for the publisher appears. Angela attended D’Azeglio High School in Turin (the same place they also studied Cesar Pavez And the Primo Levi) from 1939 to 1947, but he spent two of those years at Alfieri High School, because he was displaced with his family during the war. for him A passion for jazzcausing him to be late often and “come to school in evening clothes”, as well as an unexplained absence “at the twenty-first” with 18 other classmates, earned him a 5 in behavior in the first quarter of the fifth year (changed to “8” in next quarter).

In the penultimate year, I accumulated it well 5 items for repair: Italian, Latin, Mathematics, Physics and Science. The following year, in high school, the number was reduced to three: he managed to graduate in the fall semester, having recovered from them. On a report card with an average of six, only one nine stood out: in physical education. The current director of the institute commented: “Today as then, the school is not always able to fully absorb the skills of children.” Franco Francavilla. Perhaps in reference to the fact that the extraordinary future that was waiting to be not exactly a typical student would have astonished the professors at the time: a gold medal for merit in culture and art, twelve honorary degrees, forty books written and a remarkable career through which an entire country was wounded in Passion for knowledge.

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