«Was a *** x» – Corriere.it

«Was a *** x» – Corriere.it

When he was still a kid, Achille Costacurta, son of Martina Colombari and former AC Milan champion, Alessandro Costacurta better known as Billy, was a big fan of Fedez. That is why, having met him in a restaurant, he approached him to ask for an autograph and a ritual photograph, not yet imagining that the rapper would have answered him in a bad way, refusing the request, because “he had to eat” and thus forces Father Billy to intervene. And he takes his very disappointed son.

To recall the episode that occurred nearly ten years ago, Costacurta was the same son in the IG story, where he called Fedez a str***, and shared it video By Chiara Ferragni, the wife of the rapper, where we see the children Leon and Vittoria in the chocolate factory of a well-known company. “This s*** ofedez, this is Federico, since I’m Leon’s age, I kindly ask for a picture and he sends me brazenly saying he has to eat,” read the accompanying video, as a young Costacurta wraps up his social revolution with a post-script that becomes reflection and inspiration to his followers. “Maybe he won’t do it anymore because he had children? – Asks Achilles, who is just about to participate in the Beijing Express with his mother. – In fact, do one thing: ask him until today if he refuses to take a picture with a child ».

Just got back from a family (chat) holiday in DubaiFor now, Fedez has not responded to the provocations of Costacurta Junior, preferring to focus on the launch of the new Ferragne series, above all on his podcast “Muschio Selvaggio”, which he recorded three episodes despite his presence. From “Gino the Pimple”, or the pimple that appeared on his cheek “Just today, a week later I had skin like Justin Bieber”, as the rapper himself explained in a story Titled “The Story of My Life”.

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