2023 MotoGP World Championship. Qatar Grand Prix. Franco Morbidelli: “Another episode that Aleix Espargaro should be ashamed of” – MotoGP

2023 MotoGP World Championship. Qatar Grand Prix.  Franco Morbidelli: “Another episode that Aleix Espargaro should be ashamed of” – MotoGP

toosail -FP2: Franco Morbidelli Slow down for yellow flags, Alex Espargaro no. A relationship develops between the two Lawsuitwhich ends with a Very bad gesture The Spaniard who scored a goal He slaps To the competitor. Morbidelli is calm in his tone, however very Difficult In governance.

“We have been called to run the race, and I have nothing to say to him. He usually has disproportionate reactions in some situations, even exaggerated violentBad for the world to see, bad for the people who work with you, bad for the riders who race against you. For me, unfortunately, it was difficult to live and be part of such a situation, but I will stay Proud and happy with my integrityI’m proud of my ability to look everyone in the face: that’s why I had nothing to say to him In the direction of the race and I would have nothing to say to him future. I slowed down because Marquez was on the ground at Turn 2, and there were yellow flags. He slowed down and passed me at turn four; Then I wanted to regain my position and passed it again at five o’clock. Then he threw himself like a madman at six o’clock, even risking my fall. After he did another scene, I went to his side and motioned for him to be quiet, but he stopped me. Give up the pizza. (Slap, NDA). It seems like a dream to see the reaction he showed, unnatural: we must compete with each other according to the rules of the game, and we must have a sporting hatred towards our opponents, but not great and without going beyond that. Giving away “pizza” to a driver who slowed down for a specific reason. What kind of reaction is this, well… We all think Alex has a problem: In his entire career there are multiple episodes of it He should shame on youthe Instead of those they should be proud of. He did not apologize to me: In the direction of the race he pulled out Justifications “of little importance”

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Espargaro, who unfortunately informed A Small fracture For the left leg fragment, he did not hold the traditional press conference, but rather posted an audio commentary on social media.

“It was a day to forget, firstly because of what happened with Morbidelli: I had a reaction Wrong, definitely exaggerated. However, he was walking slowly in the middle of the track, but I accept the penalty, the pictures are bad.”

As for the accident, Alex says it was Hit from behind by Miguel Oliveira, who later apologized. Espargaro is in a lot of pain, but he is not completely ruling out his participation: it will depend on how the night goes and how he feels tomorrow.

If he was to manage Alex he would have to serve Six-place penalty Less on the grid, which is incredible, as already happened with Marc Marquez at the beginning of the season, will not have to pay its price in the next Grand Prix in which he will participate, but here in Qatar, according to what the stewards wrote.

How do you say? Mistakes are human, persistence is devilish.

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