Bow down on Xbox Game Pass? Producer – says it’s a win-win situation for users and authors

Bow down on Xbox Game Pass?  Producer – says it’s a win-win situation for users and authors

bend down will be available at Xbox Game Pass From day one we know. Well, during an interview, the game’s producer, Ryszard Kieltyka, said it was a game win-win to users and authors.

Kieltyka explained that on January 31 in Early Access on PC and Xbox, Inkulinati could count on strong support from Microsoft: “From the way they spoke and acted, we knew that They care about their users And it was great to work together.”

“On the birth of our partnership, we were fortunate because Xbox liked our demo and our vision for the game. They tried it and thought it was good, so they informed us of the intention to bring Inkulinati into the catalog reserved for Game Pass subscribers.

“It was hard to say no to such an offer. One thing I have to highlight is the degree of trust Xbox has shown in us – I was honestly touched that they treated us like equal partners even though this was our first title and we didn’t have much experience as developers.”

“This factor was a huge boost to team morale – we felt like we were suddenly able to reach a much more important category, so we decided to invest in that direction and create a much bigger and more complex game than we had originally planned.”

“I think services like Game Pass are a great thing for the industry. It can definitely be said that Game Pass offers tremendous value to gamers, and as a longtime subscriber, I can’t say enough about it. Best of all, it allows users to access products and genres they might not have to encounter them.”

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