Lindstrom: No to Liverpool for Napoli, that’s why. I can’t leave the house, it’s too much | market

Lindstrom: No to Liverpool for Napoli, that’s why.  I can’t leave the house, it’s too much |  market

The new signature of NaplesDanee frontman Jesper Lindstrom gave an extended interview at Home with tipsbladet reported by CN24 In it he spoke of his landing in Italy of the choice made in the market by his refusal Liverpool And risk Stuck in Eintracht.

Stuck in Germany – “At first I really thought I would stay at Eintracht, but then the club had to sell some players because of FFP. I thought I should play a whole season there, but suddenly I was sold overnight.”

the transfer – He was a bit hectic. At any moment you have to catch the plane, pack your bags and say goodbye to Frankfurt. Of course I was surprised, because I was told that wouldn’t be possible. But it was amazing, and I couldn’t wait for something to happen.”

the signature – “In football, you are not sure of anything until you sit down with paper and pen in hand. Only then do you sit down and think: Am I an Eintracht Frankfurt player or a Napoli player? What if things don’t go well?” If I stayed in Frankfurt, I would still be happy because my girlfriend and I were fine there.”

no to liverpool – “Liverpool was with me too, but how many minutes should I play? Was it smart to go to Liverpool? I support Liverpool, so it would have been an insanely interesting adventure, but if I don’t play, I will.” I’d better sit and watch them.” On TV for another club. Now I’m at an age where I have to play football all the time. That’s why I think coming to Napoli was a good choice.”

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I will play a lot – “It is one of the best clubs in the world and they told me I would play and I would have many opportunities.”

City’ – “Napoli? It’s not possible to go outside, and it’s the same for most players who live outside the city. You can’t go for a walk, you have to get dressed or they’ll ask you to take pictures.” “I already knew it would be like this, above all because in Napoli there is only one team. Here they grew up with Napoli so it’s exaggerated but maybe you need to get used to it. I think it’s more important for my family when ‘they visit me and not I can walk around town after a workout, grab a cup of coffee, and just relax. It’s different, but an amazing experience.”

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