Lazio, Cairo building “finds”. And for Sarri, there is a ballot paper that will accompany him all year long

Lazio, Cairo building “finds”.  And for Sarri, there is a ballot paper that will accompany him all year long

He was very upset Propertywhen on May 21, 2021 he was verbally attacked by the president Cairo In the changing rooms of the Olympics after the bomb draw. The accusation made by the grenade to Immobile was that he had played “with blood in his eyes” a useless match in Lazio’s standings: Ciro, as a professional, felt proud. This was the point of no return in their relationship, which had already begun to unravel in the summer of 2016, when Immobile decided not to stay in Turin, returned to Seville and then went to Lazio. In addition to Lotito Club, one of Cairo’s greatest enemies in football palaces. In recent years, a lot has happened between Lazio and Turin, including the investigation of the tampons issue, and now it seems that matches are no longer just worth points in the league, but are real clashes between arch rivals. It will be the same day, at 6.30 pm, when the Bianquilesti will be on stage at the Olimpico Grande Turin.

finds sari again Pedro, against Bologna with a right ankle injury, but he should start from the bench with favorite Zakani. The coach’s only doubt is about the midfield and it will be an unknown factor that will be repeated Sunday after Sunday in Formello. With secured position Milinkovic and Marcos Antonio taking turns with Cataldi, he plays the third shirt in midfield. Pesek, Vecino and Luis Alberto. The Croatian started in the starting position with Bologna and then went out in the 6th minute after the dismissal of Maximiano: Today he is still the favorite, also because the Uruguayan arrived twenty days ago and is not at his best, while the Spaniard in the summer .. was at the center of the controversy and market rumors that made him lose points. But Vecino and Luis Alberto as the days go by will return to the top of the hierarchy and will compete for the starting position. to doubt that”you will chase‘ – In good condition – Valid all year round.

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