Laura Puccini, astronomical fine: the inevitable penalty after Eurovision

Laura Puccini, astronomical fine: the inevitable penalty after Eurovision

Eurovision is now over and Ukraine won this edition. The victory of the country was deserved and required of everyone to be honest. Each of us is aware of the particularly complex historical period that the nation is going through due to the conflict with Putin’s Russia. Taking first place at the International Music Festival was a nice revenge and certainly a great way to console the country, giving citizens a little moment of joy after the trophy brought home. Moreover, everyone knows, 2022 happened in Italy, namely in Turin due to Italy’s victory in the last edition. Indeed, in 2021, the year when the singing competition was held in the Netherlands, specifically in Rotterdam, our wonderful Manskin triumphed. The group presented the song shut up and good which they also won at Sanremo 2021 for less than three months. After this victory, the most popular rock band in Italy reached the number one spot in any music chart in our country.

At the helm of Eurovision, this year, were local broadcasters and among them was Laura Pausini, the formidable and beautiful Italian singer known all over the world. In fact, the woman also performs several times in other languages, such as English and Spanish, which is why she was able to make herself known even outside our country. However, something went wrong for her on this occasion and now there is talk of a huge fine on the way. We will immediately explain what happened. Many noted that during the program, during the penultimate evening, Bossini was to say a curse that befell those who were listening to the important international event. Holy cow. Yes, that’s right, the singer yelled during the contest date.

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To many those two little words laughed, but it didn’t seem to be the same for a Eurovision production that would have decided instead to pay an astronomical fine. Despite this, it is not yet known for certain whether the punishment was actually sent or if the authors decided to overlook it by forgiving the unhappy Laura who would have said those words without sounding rude. How do you think the thorny situation should be resolved? Is it okay to spend money for such a nice cause, given that it was said without the intention of offending anyone?

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