Lamborghini scooters: performance is scary, price is not

Lamborghini scooters: performance is scary, price is not

A real innovation that will delight scooter lovers, the eco-vehicle that drives great in the city.

Since the time of the Covid pandemic, Scooter fever has begun in Italy. That is, the completely environmental and zero-emission car for which it has also become famous Rewardsprovided by the Conte government, for those who prefer this vehicle instead of the usual cars or motorcycles.

An absolutely luxurious scooter is coming (Pixabay) –

Today the big Italian cities are full of scooters. There are those who daily rent Through services sharing. But there are also those who caught the fever of this single eco-car, so they decided to give themselves one of their own, to use it as much as possible on roads and bike paths.

Recently news reached Italy regarding the use of… Scootersgiven that the new Traffic Laws It now requires status for those traveling with this vehicle (previously this was not necessary or mandatory) and it is indexed as if it were a motor vehicle, i.e. complete with license plate and insurance.

Scooter fans are in ecstasy: Lamborghini launches ALext

Waiting for this organizational and structural change, lovers Scooters They can still dream big. In fact, it is coming to market Lamborghini Of this category, as can be seen from the official website, The environmental and electrical branch of the well-known luxury car manufacturer from Bologna.

coming The extraThat is, an electric scooter with improved capabilities and performance, in addition to… design Very eye-catching. Establishment of the engineering sector Lamborghiniwhich concerns scooters and all those who choose to travel with this type of vehicle.

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Lamborghini scooter price
ALext, the scooter designed by Lamborghini ( –

The extra It is a scooter that features… 500W brushless motor (peak power 900 watts) and front and rear suspension. As can be seen from the technical data sheet, the scooter weighs just over 28 kg, has a steel and aluminum frame and an offer Smart electronic device that reports speed, distance, battery and error codes.

Moreover, the technological aspect requires minimal maintenance, has a very low level of wear, tolerates different speed levels very well, and is very silent. All this for just one cost 1,229 euros Including value added tax. Not bad for one of the best scooters out there, it’s modern and futuristic. But above all, those who buy them can say they are driving a product Lamborghini TRUE.

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