knee! Bayern and the Netherlands are worried

knee!  Bayern and the Netherlands are worried

Saarbrücken (Germany) – anxiety Bayern Monaco to injury Matthias de Ligt, Released prematurely in challenge German Cup against the Saarbrücken The Bavarians lost dramatically at the German third division club. A problem with the right knee that immediately seemed very serious for the former defender juventus, He was left on the ground in severe pain and immediately grabbed his leg after slipping on the third-tier club’s treacherous pitch. According to initial rumours, ligaments could be affected, an injury that could keep Dee out of action Lit In upcoming commitments with Bayern (He definitely won’t be on the field for El Clásico vs Dortmund In the next round of Bundesliga) And with the Dutch national team, with his return to the stadiums, which may be postponed to 2024.

Bayern is interested in including De Ligt

Black evening for Tuchel That after taking immediate advantage of Mueller The Dutch defender lost. In the 25th minute, De Ligt slid in to close on the opponent’s wing By Michelle, But it seemed that the pitch, which was not in ideal condition, betrayed the Bavarian No. 4, who immediately screamed in pain. Right knee in hands and medical staff assistance, De Ligt Then he tried to return to the field, but he had to ask for a substitution and he reacted Tuchel On the bench he immediately made clear the extent of the problem. Hats off to the German coach, who was then subjected to a dramatic elimination after the opponent’s uprising in the 96th minute.

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