Adani explains the secret of Calafiore’s behavior at the gas pump: “This is what heroes do”

Adani explains the secret of Calafiore’s behavior at the gas pump: “This is what heroes do”

Following Croatia and Italy from the European Championship, Lily Adani let loose in a video filmed at a petrol station. The commentator mimics the actions of Calafiore and Zaccagni that led to the 1-1 equaliser.


also Lily Adani He joined the chorus of praise for Riccardo Calafiore after an impressive performance in the Croatia-Italy match, which culminated in a crucial assist for Zaccagni. The columnist and commentator in Al-Rai did it in his own way, Simulate procedure 1-1 inside a gas station. Real show.

Adani imitates the work of Calafiore and Zaccagni in Croatia and Italy

This is not the first time that the former defender has given away these “pearls”, even if this time the location is very private. Adani, who is in Germany to contribute to coverage of the European Championship matches, stopped at a gas station during one of his domestic trips. And here between the gas stations He wanted to repeat and explain in detail the exceptional nature of Calafiore’s play Which put Zacajne in a position to overtake Levakovic.


Adani showed up at a gas station

With a bottle in hand and miming what happened on the pitch, Adani explained what he said was Calafiore’s greatness: “Because when Calafiore receives the ball and starts this preliminary round, he goes and goes and at a certain point he exchanges with Fratesi. But the great player goes forward, goes forward, and does not throw the ball. He continues, goes forward and at a certain point, the Croatian defense strengthens and he passes it to Zaccagni with his hand.” “right.”

Why does Adani glorify Calafiore?

In short, a large part of the credit goes to the Bologna defender that Juventus likes in the transfer market. While recognizing Zaccagni’s accuracy and skill in putting him in the bag with a curling shot, Adani praises Calafiore: “Zakagne is here and he just has to wait for the ball. Calm down and put it there. But the hero play belongs to Calafiore. Head up and chest out. He drives traffic like a great champ“.

How do we conclude this content? With Lele’s new phrase, which has already become popular, that is, the movement of the hands in all directions to simulate the gesture of the coaches indicating the sorting of the ball: “This is what champions do, when they play football“.

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