Kenya drought alert: The shocking photo of six dead giraffes, a symbol of thirsty Africa

An aerial photograph of six dead giraffes, stacked on top of each other on the barren red ground outside Irib village, Kenya, has become a symbol of the devastation caused by the drought in the East African nation. The shocking photo re-launched in the media, which went viral, was taken by photojournalist Ed Ram. Getty Images reported that the animals, who were already weak, died after getting stuck in the mud, just as they were trying to reach a nearby tank, had nearly dried up. The African artiodactyl mammal is the tallest land animal and the largest ruminant in existence.

All the suffering, even deadly, caused by the lack of water, an essential asset, is present in this extremely powerful shot depicting the emaciated, tangled bodies of the six giraffes killed by a prolonged drought in the Sapoli Wildlife Sanctuary. To avoid contamination of the local water tank, their bodies were taken to the gates of Drama Irib village in Wajir County in Kenya’s North Eastern Province.

2021 Getty Images

According to local newspaper Star News, drought could kill 4,000 giraffes, but it’s not just animals that are at risk. Ibrahim Ali, from the Giraffe Sanctuary in Bor Elji, said the situation had deteriorated due to farming along the rivers, which prevented wildlife from reaching irrigation points.

In northern Kenya, drought devours everything: swathes of cattle carcass cooking in the sun. horrific pictures

The Kenya Drought Management Authority estimates that about 2.1 million people suffer from starvation due to severe drought in half of the country. At the same time, some areas of Kenya are experiencing the heaviest rainfall in recent decades. For the United Nations, there are currently still 2.9 million Kenyans in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.

“Water sources for both people and livestock have dried up, forcing families to travel long distances and causing tensions between communities, leading to an increase in inter-communal conflicts,” the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said.

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