Kena relaunches Kena 4.99 Flash 100 online at € 4.99 per month with 100 GB, minutes and 200 SMS – | News | Telephone communications

Kena relaunches Kena 4.99 Flash 100 online at € 4.99 per month with 100 GB, minutes and 200 SMS – |  News |  Telephone communications

Kinathe virtual operator and second brand of TIM, has made a profit in the last few hours You can subscribe to it again The underground online show is called Kena 4.99 Flash 100 online for € 4.99 per monthwith minutes and 200 messages and 100 GBWhich can be activated upon arrival By some specific operators.

As MondoMobileWeb has already reported, the offer Kina 4.99 Flash 100 Online It has been It was launched in April 2024through one Custom page Proposed online with digital campaigns. Later, it was the show It closed on May 3, 2024So Since then it can no longer be activated.

Now, however, let us begin As of today, June 17, 2024-The operator suggests the offer Kena 4.99 Flash 100 Online is also in winback modei.e. for Some selected former Qena clients Which it was Send the following SMS:

Return to Qena for only EGP 4.99 per month with 100GB, unlimited minutes and 200 SMS. Activation and SIM card free. Go to for information about costs and conditions and enter the unique code […] . The offer is valid until 06/30/2024

In this case, the message indicates that the offer can be activated Until June 30, 2024, subject to changes. Selected previous customers who have received the SMS can subscribe to this offer Click on the link in the same message and select the item “Buy online.

To continue activation, the customer must enter the appropriate fields Both the unique code in the previous message and the phone number on which you received the SMS.

Once done, locate the operator Check out our Kena 4.99 Flash 100 online deals pagewhich has already been introduced through digital campaigns. In this case, for previous customers who entered their PIN and number by clicking the button “He buys” The phone number is already pre-populatedbut it still needs to come By one of the operators indicated in the list.

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As an alternative to online activation, Customers who receive the Kena offer can still go to the operator’s store. Moreover, after clicking on the link in the message, instead of selecting “Buy online”, this is also possible He chooses “We will contact you again“, enter your contact details and wait to be called back by the operator.

What’s included in Kena 4.99 Flash 100 Online and who can activate it

Kina 4.99 Flash 100 Online Understand in detail Unlimited minutes For all national landline and mobile phone numbers, 200 SMS For all national numbers e 100 GB of data traffic in 4G at a cost 4.99 euros per monthWith deduction from the remaining balance.

To activate this offer, new customers can… Mobile Number Portability (MNP) required only from Iliad, PosteMobile, Fastweb and some virtual operators (Except ho. Mobile and Very Mobile).

particularly, The complete list of resource managers is as follows: Iliad, PosteMobile, Tiscali, Lyca Mobile, CoopVoce, Fastweb Mobile, 1Mobile, 2appy, China Mobile, Daily Telecom, Digi Mobil, Engan Mobile, Feder Mobile, Green, Italia Power, NetValue, Nova, Nextus, NTmobile, Optima, Professional Link, Sposo, Welcome Italia, Wings Mobile, With You.

CoopVoce is not in the list of currently activated native operators.

Although the dedicated page indicates that the offer can be subscribed by those who activate a new Qena mobile number, it can only be activated by new Qena customers with a simultaneous request for portability from certain national operators.

Both the activation cost and the price of the new SIM are free. This way how Initial expensesNew customer pays exclusively The first top-up is equal to 5 EUR, consisting of the first month before the offer and the remaining 0.01 EUR as remaining balance.

with Qena, TIM’s second brandcustomers use the network of the last operator In 2G and 4G LTEwith the maximum browsing speed equal to the current offers on the market, excluding changes Download at 60Mbps and upload at 30Mbps.

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Following the divestment process, which was completed in mid-October 2022, TIM’s 3G technology is now turned off throughout Italy. It is also worth noting that as of May 2022, also due to the 3G network shutdown, Qena SIM cards have been gradually turned on. VoLTE service provided.

more details

In general, minutes included in Qena offers have no connection fees and are priced Real seconds of conversation.

Data traffic charges are charged instead In preset increments of 1 KB If the monthly GB is exceeded and in the absence of other active data options, it will be automatically blocked.

Starting February 23, 2024, as reported by MondoMobileWeb, The so-called reboot service is available at Kena. This way, when the gigabytes, minutes or SMS of your tariff offer are about to run out, it is possible Expect renewal And restore the entire package.

In the event of non-payment Insufficient balanceWith Kenna comes the offers hanging. In this case, until the balance runs out it is possible to continue calling, sending SMS and browsing the Internet within the conditions it sets Kina’s basic plan.

It is specified that the operator’s basic plan offers a charge of 35 euro cents per minute for all national numbers (excluding calling charges), 25 euro cents per SMS sent and 50 euro cents upfront in 50 MB increments for internet browsing.

These terms also apply In the event of termination of the offerTherefore if the customer does not renew the offer for 90 days.

With free service Automatic chargingQena customers can Link your payment method To receive an auto top-up every month, before you renew your offer.

During this period, by activating the auto top-up service, it is possible to get an additional 100 GB of data traffic for free every month. However, it is worth noting that With offers costing less than €5 per month, such as Kena 4.99 Flash 100 Online, it’s not possible to get this free option.

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Qena services included, EU roaming and other information

In all offers proposed by the operator, listening is included at no additional cost voice mail And SMS services upon request Find out and call now.

However, activating one of the two services does not allow activating and using the other. In addition to, Currently, these services may not be available or cannot be activated or deactivated.

in Roaming within the European Union (And currently in the UK), with the Kena service, the included minutes and SMS are valid under the same national conditions, while for data traffic there is a cap, with the new Kina 4.99 Flash 100 Onlinein 2024 up to 5.5 GB per month.

When the customer exceeds the GB limit, until December 31, 2024 (excluding the advance amount) a consumption charge equals 0.184 Euro cents per MB. However, starting from July 2022, with Kena offers it is possible to move around in roaming, in the EU and in some countries outside the EU, Even in 4G.

Qena customers can benefit from this initiative Bring a friendcurrently valid through August 31, 2024, subject to changes you can obtain Up to 50 euros in refunds Cumulative on the remaining balance. The bonus can also be used to pay for the renewal of your main active mobile offer.

As of January 25, 2023, in all New Qena offers in the markets, the phrase “ForeverTherefore, if the operator wants, he can decide to apply tariff adjustments.

to update. Thanks Vito for the report.

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