A shipwreck between Greece and Italy leaves nearly 60 missing

A shipwreck between Greece and Italy leaves nearly 60 missing

About 60 migrants disappeared at sea yesterday after another tragic shipwreck in the Mediterranean, Italian media reported during the day. The news of the new tragedy – although not in number – was also confirmed by the Italian Coast Guard, which reported, since Sunday night, search and rescue operations for a small sailboat that was going to sail from Turkey in the direction of the group. Land.

He added, “The operation began after a distress call from a French ship.” [Aquest vaixell] The ship was sailing about 120 miles off the Italian coast, at the border of the search and rescue zone between Greece and Italy. [la presència del] The same sources added that the dhow almost sank, and about 12 migrants were rescued.

Enabled deployment at scale

“After receiving the distress call […]They explained that the Coast Guard immediately sent to the site two commercial ships that were sailing in the vicinity, an ATR42 aircraft, and patrol boats CP305 and CP326 that were in Calabria. Frontex units intervene [l’agència de control de fronteres de la Unió Europea]”, said the same sources.

Thus, the rescue operation allowed the twelve migrants – mostly Afghans, Iranians and Kurds – to be transported to the Italian coast, although one woman was unable to survive and died shortly after her rescue. In contrast, the survivors narrated what happened to the rest of the shipwreck, in an echo of the well-known tragedies that were repeated repeatedly over decades in the Mediterranean with the arrival of large numbers of boats.

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So much so that one of the last major shipwrecks occurred just last April, when nine people, including a baby just a few months old, were found dead after drowning in the middle of the Mediterranean after your boat capsized.

In another section, on the same day yesterday, the Ocean Viking ship of the NGO SOS Méditerranée rescued an additional 54 migrants (including 28 unaccompanied minors) in the Libyan Special Administrative Region, a fact that also demonstrates the viability of the Mediterranean sea routes. Central and Eastern Mediterranean. In this context, MSF has already offered to provide psychological assistance to those who have managed to reach the ground.

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