“Juventus with many players under the age of 23. Pellegrini and Kolosevsky will play”

Turin – “Tomorrow’s match? We must return to win, because we have already lost 3 at home, against Genoa who came from three defeats and a draw, with the new coach Shevchenko, who is very good despite his young age, and achieved excellent results with Ukraine. Then Throughout my years at Juventus it was always difficult with Genoa. It’s a very important match, it must be wonJuventus coach Massimiliano Allegri spoke at the press conference On the eve of the Juventus-Genoa match, a match valid for the 16th day of the tournament scheduled for tomorrow at 20.45 at Allianz Stadium in Turin.

Fun on Pellegrini and Kulusevski

pilgrims And Kulusevsky must play. I will decide tomorrow morning. The Salerno match was a good match, with many under-23s on the field and that underscores the club’s work. Then there are those who have more experience and at the moment someone needs a rest, because they have played a lot of matches. Then on Wednesday we will have the last game of the Champions League group, so three very important games in the league. Now it is important to get back those who played the most. Velotti? We haven’t done anything yet, there’s always a first… We played really well with Salernitana, but that should be the basis of what we’re going to do from tomorrow to June. Now let’s think about Genoa, because we’ve already fenced the house three times and can’t afford to do it again. We have to play seriously and with technique“.

Fun at Locatelli, De Sciglio, McKennie and Ramsey

Locatelli? He’s still standing, so he’ll play tomorrow, then we’ll see when he can recover. The problem usually lies in the mental energies, which when lacking also causes a lack of physical energies, but at the moment Manuel is perfectly fine. de siglio? he is makiniNext week, they should be back with the team. Ramsey? Still on the edge of the field and unavailable“.

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Cheerful for Rabiot, Morata, Kane, Arthur and Bernardeschi

Rabbit He plays with France in the midfield and at the moment he plays there better than the midfield. morata He played well, but tomorrow I will decide whether to let him play or ken. I am happy with them. Arthur from 1′? In midfield, I decided only Locatelli, as for the other two I have to see him. NS Arthur But I am very happy that he is committed and doing well and when questioned he answered in the best way possible. Bernardeschi? Fine. He’s played well, although he’s been a little worse in the last two training sessions…“.

Cheerful because of the many injuries

Too many injuries in the era of Covid? I think in those roughly two years since the pandemic, even though I wasn’t inside, a lot has changed. The tournament was stopped, and then many matches were concentrated in periods when the players used to rest. Then the national teams pressed the calendar even more. I think a lot has been played, even if there are competent authorities to decide these matters, with respect for the scene and the interests of the players. To find a solution, and they will surely find it because there are very good men out there, they should sit at a table and look for some tricks.“.

Allegri to achieve capital gains

The seriousness inside the Juve is complete. The most important thing is to achieve a series of victories. investigations? Juventus is in constant contact with them explaining the situation. We are very calm and thinking about work And make up for some things in the league, because we’re a little behind. At Juventus, there are great professionals who will follow the story“.

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