Juventus, the Allegri conference in real time

Juventus, the Allegri conference in real time

“The danger now is excessive euphoria. We must not lower the immune system”

To keep hopes of the complex transit to the second round of Champions League there Juventus It’s called getting a full booty against Benfica. And the Massimiliano Allegri He knows very well. “We only have one result available, but we are not the masters of our destiny – the Juventus coach explained -. If Benfica loses with us and wins the last game, they will pass and we go to the Europa League.” “Tomorrow we have to win to keep the door open for the next round. It will be a difficult match against a team that has not lost yet this season, but I am confident.”

Alegre Conference

Challenge with Benfica
“We have one result available, but we are not the masters of our destiny. Benfica is one of the four teams in Europe that have not yet lost against Napoli, Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid. We have to play a game like most of the top teams. Feet, increase They have a different momentum in front of their fans, but this It will be a special challenge: we will not have to speed up but play with the same compactness, and indeed improve it, in the last two games. We know it is an important match that will tell us if we have a chance to hope for the knockout. In the same way it will guarantee us a place in the Europa League. Recently we are doing better Tomorrow there is a great game and a game to play and we will try to do it the best we can.”

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racing approach
“We didn’t start badly in the first leg. Tomorrow we have to win to keep the door open for the next round. Doing that with two goals would be beneficial, but they are still an excellent team.”

shape and posture
“With the players that I have now, who are doing well, tomorrow we will try to propose a different format. They have many players on the field, and we have to play a very good game from a defensive point of view. To do what in the first leg, eliminating the mistakes we made”

stress and fear
“The only danger we have, looking at the last two games we won, is that there is a lot of euphoria. There is a danger of being too excited, being too positive. The goal is to have a compact team that shows strength in defense. The stage. What is important is the right attitude”

good time
“We must not stop this magical moment but put in a great performance. Football is made up of loops: I think tomorrow will be fine, we must be confident, we have everything to do well. Then tomorrow evening we will put aside what the result will be and dive again in The championship because we will play an important match in Lecce. We have to create the conditions for a result: the danger now is the excessive euphoria of the two victories, this enthusiasm leads us to lower the famous immune defenses. They must not be lowered and a competition with great interest must be conducted “

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Would exclusion be a personal failure?
“I will be very sorry, but let’s not think about it. If Benfica loses tomorrow and wins the last game, we can just go to the Europa League. Let’s take one step at a time: the team is fine physically and mentally, the important thing is that the match is very stressful.”

Alex Sandro’s comments

Match value
“It’s a huge value, and we know that the only result that matters to us is to win. We came here to win, to have a great game. We’re in a moment of growth, and we know we shouldn’t make mistakes anymore.”

Feelings and Atmosphere
“Nothing changes compared to other races. We are just thinking about going out on the pitch and doing our best and winning”

We need a company with Benfica
“Did Benfica never lose? I hope they lose tomorrow. They have a good team, I know very well, with many important players. I am sure it will be a very difficult match, but we are ready and I am sure we will have a good match.”

The third central defense
“I feel great in this role. I’m always available to the coach to help the team. It’s definitely different from the full-back role but I don’t have any problems because I always play on the left.”

Benfica hitch
“Benfica has players who can always make a difference, and we have to be ready for this match. A match of life or death? We only think about winning, we do everything to win against Benfica. Playing here has always been special. Playing here is great, it’s a great stadium. Lee, it’s a great opportunity to come back here and play a great game.”

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