October 4, 2022

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Juventus-Salernitana, slow motion: OK, the two parts, 3-2 doubts abolished.

Based on Milek’s goal movement, Bonucci was judged in an offside position, but knots remained in positions and images

Protests from Salernitana at 4 o’clock for Bremer Piatek’s connection. The pole flexes behind the defender, who then appears to cross the race at the opponent’s legs, and lets Marcenaro through, Var Banti not interfering. Long check Var’s after 1-0 at Salernitana for a possible handball from Candreva, the author of the goal, which ends with a goal validation.

Bremer again

And canceled Vlahovic’s goal in the 39th minute due to offside by the Serbian after a pass from Kane. At 47′ Bremer thwarts a shot on goal from Piatek with his right arm: right-kick and yellow. In the recovery period, everything happens, Alex Sandro expects Vilhena in the area: an inevitable connection and a good penalty. At 94′ Milek canceled 3-2 due to Bonucci’s offside: he was judged to be active jumping and stretching to hit his head without touching the ball or disturbing opposing defenders and/or goalkeepers. An unconvincing decision that leaves a lot of doubts, especially based on Candreva’s stance that seems to keep Bonucci in the game. Var has been rated, but no lines from her site have been shown on TV.

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