99 copies only (all sold out) – Corriere.it

99 copies only (all sold out) – Corriere.it
From Giuseppina Manin

The conservatory orchestra christens the first car with pieces composed by Vincenzo Baresi and played by porters and sweepers. Creator Horacio Pagani: This is how I combine art and science

Lirico’s red curtain slowly opens. On stage a black grand piano. The pianist with white hair and tennis shoes sits down and starts playing. On the last string, the lights flash to revealInstitute orchestra Which, under the guidance of its director from Piero Mianiti, is taking music back and continuing to escalate more appealing than ever.

For in the meantime, from under the stage of Lirico, something appears: a zigzag shape gradually revealing itself as A car of rare beauty: slender, cream-colored, giant wheels. Pagani hypercar called Utopia. fancy even in price, Starting at 3 million and going up to a dozen or so. Golden keys on hand. A utopia for very few who sell like hot cakes. 99 units of the new model have already been sold. 25 years of dreaming Horacio Pagani, its creator, is always the same, to reconcile art and science. In this case the notes and motors, given that to present the newborn he wanted to commission a piece of music for a young man who had left the conservatory classes, Vincenzo Baresiwinner of the Composition Prize in 1921.

Furthermore, he had the task of condensing the soul of that music in a few seconds and splitting it into audio signals related to the vehicle’s hardware. so what When the driver closes the door or operates the windshield wipers, he will be greeted by a musical cell to choose from Three available depending on the mood: sunny, sad, bob. Utopia will be the first sound car, explains Pagani proudly, born in a small town in Argentina 67 years ago, the son of an immigrant from Como. My father was a baker but in his spare time he played the trumpet in a jazz band – he remembers -. And my mother played the piano. We were poor, but the music was in the house. I was never disciplined, and didn’t even learn to read notes, but I started playing my way. And even to compose. In the 1980s I had written small pieces recorded on a small device. She kept them all this time and then entrusted them to Vincenzo.

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In the 80s I was not yet born, but the music of that period was probably my favorite – Baresi intervenes -. The challenge of reinventing something of my own on those tracks seemed irresistible to me. For a month I listened and listened to trying to immerse myself in the world of that former boy, in his dreams, in his virtuous world. Of all those audio materials, I used three cores. The image of a large cat comes to mind. When Horacio showed me a preview of the drawings I knew I had hit the mark. His utopia is a kind of moving bat, a tiger that collides and reaches in two seconds to 100 kilometers per hour. With the excessive attention to detail he puts into his cars, Pagani followed every step of the configuration. Curious about everything, he asked me to explain the arrangement of the instruments in the orchestra, Paris continues. I included them but I forgot the ukulele. Just what he wants to hear. For example I made him listen to a topic Jurassic Park. He told me that there must definitely be. The ukulele gives shine to the body.

After inserting the musical parts into the car, Baresi recalled, he had a fortunate precedent: Bill Gates asked Brian Eno to create the sound to power his computers. Of course, any comparison is out of place, including the seal comparison.

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