Turkey – Italy 2-3, Report Cards – Donnarumma on a roller coaster. Raspadori, goals and regrets

Turkey – Italy 2-3, Report Cards – Donnarumma on a roller coaster.  Raspadori, goals and regrets

Final result: Turkey – Italy 2-3

Italy Report Cards (by Raimondo De Magistris)

Donnarumma 5 – Jeju, what’s going on? If he is not calm – as it is now clear – trust him regardless of perseverance. He trades fouls with excellent saves, and it’s a choppy performance that Mancini must consider: his young age is fine, but precisely because he’s young and can’t be criticized when he’s not in his head.

Di Siglio 5.5 – More veiled than Biraghi, he thinks only of reducing the descendants of the Turks in his parts. And she succeeded.

immature 6 – Unlike the captain, he does not make mistakes: he is meticulous when asked.

Chiellini 5 – Get back away and you lose under the 0-1 intraday target. He also made a foul in the second half, but luckily for him, Donnarumma wore gloves on a Calhanoglu free kick. of 76 spades sv

Biraghi 6.5 – Mancini was not happy with his 30-minute work: he recovers, corrects, and often waves his arms. Then, from his cross comes the toss and after that the work also improves his performance: there is also his hand on Rasbadori’s second goal.

Pesina 5.5 – evanescent. More than paying attention to the point, it often gives the impression of playing for the sake of the game, which fails. From 77 Sensi sv

Christy 6.5 – He has the advantage of finding the goal when Turkey is in complete control of the game, a goal that undermines the certainties of the hosts and changes the face of the game. from 77 locatelli sv

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Tonals 6.5 – He loses some balls but recovers more. You have a huge advantage to never get disconnected from the game.

Zaniolo 5.5- The desire to show off is present, the rest is a little less. He experiences the match every time you put the ball between his feet: the outcome is negligible. From 46 Zaccagni 6.5 – It’s in great shape and we saw it again tonight. Goal 1-3 born from his cross.

Skamka 6 – Even on a goalless evening, he proved more suitable for the Mancini match: he is involved in maneuvering, he is at the heart of the attacking game.

Raspaduri 7.5 – Why did he enter only 64 against Macedonia? It’s okay that they’re all good later, it’s okay that only those who don’t make mistakes… but precisely because Mancini coached these guys for a week: it was really hard to see that the Sassuolo striker had another step compared to the day holders Thursday? from 89 Bonucci sv

Roberto Mancini 6 – He has the courage to change and the choices reward him, but it is unfortunate that it is no longer needed now. Raspaduri, the fittest, responds with a gentle strut. Tonali in the middle of the field made the difference, and Zakani, who entered 46th place, confirmed his excellent moment of performance.

Turkey Report Cards (by Andrea Peras)

Binder 5 – Looks insecure in the high exits, pardon the referee on the result that Chiellini is slotted into the goal. In 2-1 he missed the delay, effectively handing the ball to the Azzurri.

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Ozan Kabak sv – A few minutes for him, he leaves the field with a muscle problem. From 10 Ayhan 6 – He catches a cold due to the injury of your cupcake, does his job without smearing.

Demiral 6 The headers are all in the center of the area. He closes the road to Scamaka, which he knows very well. He can’t hold back Rasbadore, who was on the net 2-1, but the responsibilities are not for him.

Soyuncu 6.5 – Use your body in the center of the area to stop the attacks of the Italian team. He also appears in an offensive drop that shows good plays such as helping out for 2-3 by Dursun.

Mulder 5.5 – For his part, Biraghi pushes persistently and this is a good duel. Time is up on the Fiorentina winger on the occasion of the 3-1 match signed by Rasbadori.

Tokos 5.5.1 Starts well making a lot of intensity in the middle of the field and recovering a good dose of balls with intensity. However, his performance was tainted by being easily predicted by Tonali in the action that led to Blue 2-1. from 63 ozkan 6 – Get in and do his job without smearing.

Calhanoglu 6.5 He inherits the captain’s badge from Turkish legend Burak Yilmaz. He engages in a duel with his former time partner Milan Donnarumma who first flies to deflect a long-range shot into a corner and then rejects the free kick off the edge with another good tackle. Starting at 78′ Antalya sv

R. Yilmaz 6 – He runs through the left lane and passes from a completely cautious defensive phase to the attack in which he appears regularly. Good diagonal inside the box. From 64′ kotlo 5.5 – A tendency to the offensive phase more than the previous one, but it does not leave its mark.

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less than 6.5 – Like Trajkovsky five days ago, a former Italian football player is still sanctioning our national team. Fast-moving on Chiellini in the area, and not very accurate in deducing which comet Donnarumma is penetrating.

Akturkoglu 5.5.1 Moves a lot across the board with his ball and chain quality. He exchanges a lot with his teammates, but as the minutes go by the tension drops and the team suffers. From 64′ Dursun 6.5 – Enter to give physical strength to the attacking section. He reopens the match with a close touch and approaches the trio with a superb header that Donnarumma saved.

ONAL 5 – It goes down a lot and will catch the ball in the middle of the field. A perfect opener for Under marking the goal of Turkish supremacy, then always dominated by the blue defense. From 78 ‘Sinik sv

Stefan Koontz 5.5.2 Like Italy, Turkey is also a big disappointment in this world qualifier. It didn’t start out badly by finding the edge with Under, but then she had to give in to the whistles of the Konya fans.

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